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Fast & Fresh was founded in Februar 2013 in Vienna, Austria by a team of young and experienced entrepreneurial spirits. Fast food nowadays is a big habit of the modern generation. That is why we made a statement for our selves: ''Let's make fast food healthy and fresh! Let's make it better!''

Fantastic flavour in healthy and fresh food is central to the philosophy of Fast & Fresh. We aim to create optimally nutritious food and drinks, which is so delicious that once you have tried our creations it becomes easy to see that Fast & Fresh is not ordinary.

We want every visitor to be introduced to a life full of health and vitality, starting with a nourished body.
By doing this we have developed a number of pioneering techniques and practices.

We strive to ensure that all food that we serve is organic and regional where possible. The benefits of Organic food cannot be overstated as foods that are free from pesticides, genetic modification.

We select only the highest quality and healthiest ingredients and ensure that all the ingredients we use are fresh and in the best state. We always create our dishes from scratch, working from locally sourced produce. We do not use any ingredient that has been stored in a way that may lead to it becoming spoilt.

In our bistro you can find different types of tasty, healthy and fresh food. Starting from different types of Asia meals till variations of wraps and sandwiches and many many more. We also serve you with fresh beverages such as fresh juices and other drinks.

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